Adrenaline MMA 2 Notes or A Miletich Fighting Systems’ Christmas

By Warren Piece (

I first want to make it clear that I am not a big fan of Cox, but I realize that some people are, and I am totally cool with it (to each his own). That squared away, I am pleased to be making my debut covering Monte Cox’s “Adrenaline MMA 2″…I dig regional shows. I was, however, a little disturbed to discover that Pat Miletich and Miletich Fighting Systems have a guy in almost every bout on the card. While that doesn’t necessarily please me (what is this, a Miletich showcase?), one thing is for sure; after tonight, everyone at Miletich should love Cox…if they don’t already.

PS: Does Adrenaline MMA not have a website? How can that be?

Ryan Williams vs. Jesse Lennox (WW)

I immediately notice that neither of these guys are sporting tattoos. Does anyone else get the feeling that no tattoos is the new tattoo (and although he is not the first fighter to not have tattoos, I believe that this new purposeful tattoo-free trend was started by Urijah Faber….call me crazy) The second thing I noticed is that this ref (one Michael Reid) looks like a skinny Herb Dean impersonator, only smaller. OH RIGHT, people are fighting; and before I can fully pay attention, the new face of Miletich Fighting Systems, Jesse Lennox wins via triangle choke at just 3:41 of the first round. Lennox comes complete with good hands, solid takedown defense and submissions…get one now!

1-0, Miletich

Pat Curran vs. Ramiro Hernandez (LW)

Pat is WEC Jeff Curran’s cousin and while I want to like him, he came out to Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”. I just can’t support that kind of nonsense. In the end, Curran received a well deserved unanimous decision. Both guys were in great condition. Something important to note here before we move on: I’ve NEVER seen anyone stay in full mount for as long as Curran did over 3 rounds. I feel like it must be a record. Someone look that up, not it.

All tied up

Ryan McGivern vs. Geno Roderick (195 lb Catch-Weight)

McGivern comes out to the Halloween theme song. You have to respect that choice. He goes on to win via RNC in the first round.

2-1, Miletich

Gabe Lemley vs. Dan Loman (LW)

Loman comes out to “Symphony of Destruction”. Another very strong musical decision and the Gods of Metal reward him with a TKO victory in round 2. Mini Herb Dean stopped it right on time. He may be even better than the full-size, original Herb Dean. I was happy for Loman. He seems like a nice, simple country dude who’s genuinely thrilled to have won on “National TV.”

Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Derrick Mehmen (210 lb Catch-Weight)

This was, definitely, fight of the night. Great first round slugfest. Round 2 saw Mike C throw Mehman into a tight guillotine and Mehman taps. Now here’s were things go bad: The ref sees the tap and lays his hands on both guys, clearly indicating to Mike C that he should release the hold. Instead, if you watch his face closely, Mike recognizes that the fight is over, puts a vicious look on his face and squeezes as hard as he can for a few additional seconds. THAT’S FUCKING DANGEROUS AND YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE. Cox should fine him a pig or 20 chickens or something.

3-1, Miletich

Michael Russow vs. Braden Bice (HW)

Russow defeats Bice via north-south choke in the first.

Ben Rothwell vs. Chris Guillen (HW)

Rothwell won this shitty Co-Main Event via tapout in the first. Note: Guillen wears eyeglasses in his interviews. 5 big stars for nerdy originality.

4-1, Miletich

Pat Miletich vs. Thomas Denny (WW)

Pat drops Denny with 2 great right hooks and then pounds him out for the KO 50 seconds into the second. Good for him. It would have been awkward if he lost in the Main Event of his own show.

During the post-fight interview Miletich calls out Antonio Tarver and others and declares his desire to box. Hmmm. Is the conclusion of a regional, fledgling MMA show, which features all of your guys, really the best place to announce your intention to move to a rival sport? Perhaps Pat doesn’t love Cox after all.

5-1, Miletich (Main Card Total)

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