BetUS has stepped up their game!

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When I swept the BetUS UFC 94 and Affliction pickem contest I told them to step up their game and guess what? They did.

Travis over at BetUS tied me for first place in their UFC 95 pickem contest.

And I bet I know how he did it. Travis must be reading Nick Bailey’s (a.k.a. Humungus) UFC 95 breakdown. I know I did.

UPDATE (2/25/2009):

It turns out that Travis at BetUS isn’t so good with numbers (how ironic) and messed up the scroring. The winner is actually Christian from BestFightOdds. Congratulations Christian.

Here’s the updated scores:
20 – Christian @ BestFightOdds
19.5 – Travis @ BetUS
19 – Damon D. @ BetUS
17.5 – Eric K. @ MMA Ratings
14 – Matt L. @ UFC Fight Betting
13 – Edo B. @ BetWWX
12 – Paul B. @ UFC Betting Odds
8 – Robert M. @ MMA Carrier

BetUS, thanks for the prizes. Beat you next time.

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