UFC TUF 10 Contestant Roy “Big Country” Nelson Q & A

By Aaron Richman (

Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson shares insights on The Ultimate Fighter with MMA Fight Council‘s Aaron Richman in this first edition of a weekly Q&A.

MMAFC: We’ve heard that you initially though that you were “the big announcement” that Dana was going to make (understandably). When you saw that it was Kimbo, what were your very first thoughts? Did you think, wow, he might be a challenge, or that chump doesn’t belong here, or that’s my meal ticket right there (once you beat him), etc.?

RN: When Kimbo was announced I was cool a lot more fans to pick up. Kimbo is a fighter and for some a meal ticket, but for me he was going to be one of the tougher fights in the house.

MMAFC: Do you remember Matt Mitrione asking you who you were, when he first met you? Did you ever come to realize that he was dead serious, and didn’t know who you were? Did/does that surprise you?

RN: When Matt asked me who I was, I asked him the same question except, I don’t play football. When you go into a sport, you usually do your homework, but Matt had to be taught MMA 101 in the who’s who. He didn’t even know who Vitor Belfort was.

MMAFC: What did we NOT see, from the house in this first episode that stood out for you? Anything interesting, good, bad, etc.? Did you really MAKE a chess set out of house stuff? Did you/anyone play chess? Who was the chess champ?

RN: As for the chess stuff, I can’t talk about it. Abe was probably the best at chess since he was in the chess club.

MMAFC: Did you really eat as much as some of your housemates say you did (A LOT!)? Was it any more, or less than usual?

RN: I would say I ate probably the least. When I cooked everyone wanted to eat what I was cooking.

MMAFC: Was your hope to be picked by Rashad and work with him and Greg Jackson, well founded, looking back? Did you get as much out of their training as you hoped/believed that you might? Are you a better fighter NOW, than when you went into the house?

RN: Working with Greg and Rashad was great I got to see what I was missing from my regular training and what type training they do that doesn’t work, so as a coach, it was great to learn something new.

MMAFC: How exciting was it for you/Team Rashad during that first fight/win? Did you think leading up to it that it was a good match up for you guys? How did you and your team feel watching the fight, seeing the bloodiest fight in TUF history? Was anyone grossed out by the amount of blood, making comments, etc.? How about on seeing the gaping hole in Abe’s head??

RN: When our team won I was excited because we got to pick the third fight in the house and gained control. The match for our team was awesome because a wrestler vs. a non-wrestler, the nice way of saying non-fighter, was a perfect match up. We were just amazed to see so much blood for a little elbow that did no damage except cut Abe.

MMAFC: What was the BEST/WORST part of that first episode for Big Country personally?

RN: Best part of the first episode was to see me get scolded for next week’s show. The worst was watching the Abe and John fight again.

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