Quick Hits for Sengoku 10: The Forgotten Card

By Nicholas Bailey (

Sengoku 10 has flown very low under the radar, being a card primarily for hardcore japanese MMA fans, with even fewer major names than even a regular Sengoku card. Here are a few short predictions for the major fights, but also keep an eye open in case the horrible “must decision” system rears its head again. In this system, if the fight is scored a draw, the judges can simply award one fighter the win according to his whim. This is what led to the outright robberies we saw at Sengoku 9.

Hiroshi Izumi vs. Antz Nansen

Remember what happened in UFC 1 when a ground fighter fought a kickboxer? Antz Nansen, despite a fairly gangster Bebo profile, is going to be taken down and submitted unless Izumi pulls a Karam Ibrahim. These guys are apparently minor celebrities, as this is the main event despite it being the pro MMA debut for both fighters.

Antonio Silva vs. Jim York

Antonio Silva makes his return. York is big enough to knock Silva out again, but Silva should just run a grapple train on him and pound him to death in a few minutes. Not that exciting.

Ryan Schultz vs. Kazunori Yokota

Yokota is a slick striker who doesn’t have a lot of power, and Schultz is a bit chinny and a mediocre fighter in general. Yokota should be able to sharpshoot him for a decision if he can’t finish him off.

Ryo Kawamura vs. Fabio Silva

A rematch of their fight in 2007 (Silva won by KO) his is going to be an ugly fight. Kawamura has been alternating wins and losses recently, and is due for another loss. Kawamura has decent power, but Silva is fairly durable and a more aggressive striker in general. I don’t expect ground work, but just hope that someone gets KO’d before both of them gas and it goes the distance. Silva By KO.

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Nick Thompson

Perhaps one of the most competitive bouts on the card, this is a chance for Hornbuckle to establish that his win over Gono wasn’t a fluke. Thompson, who doesn’t deal with punishment well and is a bit chinny. Thompson is huge at 170 and has the skills to work Hornbuckle over on the ground if he can get takedowns, which I expect he will. Thompson is very rangey and can throw a jab, which will insulate him somewhat against Hornbuckle’s strikes, giving him the breathing room to set up his takedowns. Thompson by Kimura.

Joe Doerksen vs. Takenori Sato

Doersken takes another loss to a bad fighter because he’s completely shot and just picking up paychecks. Sad.

Maximo Blanco vs. Tetsuya Yamada

Blanco simply steps into the ring and wilds out. He should be able to dunk Yamada, but the question is whether he can avoid fouling him to death and getting DQ’d.


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