UFC TUF 10 Contestant Roy “Big Country” Nelson: Episode 2 Q & A

By Aaron Richman (

Here are some questions for you Roy. Thank you again for your time. It seems more and more people are becoming interested in you as a fighter. I think that’s pretty cool. Some of the questions that people are asking me to ask you, are not even TUF 10 related!

MMAFC: You seemed like you might have been a little more coachable this episode, were you? What were your thoughts about the coaches “scolding” at this point, and what if anything changed for you as a result? Did you have any thoughts about the coaching at this point?

RN: The whole coachable problem was day 1 of practice. This is where we learned where the line was in the sand. The Scolding they gave wasn’t really scolding as much as I gave them for their coaching abilities. We all worked past our differences and proceeded to map out a new plan.

MMAFC: As a real veteran of the sport, and IFL HW Champion, how were you feeling about living in the house with these 15 other fighters? We’re you loving it, content, hating it, etc.?

RN: I just wanted to fight as soon as I got in the house. I wasn’t a happy camper since you are giving up 6 weeks of your life.

MMAFC: During this episode, you called Kimbo Slice a “veteran”. Why did you call him that, and what did you mean by it?

RN: I called him a veteran because he has couple fights under his wings, and has performed on the big stage.

MMAFC: What kind of shape were you in and how was your conditioning at this point. Was this your normal walking around condition, your training for a fight condition, something in between, etc.?

RN: I was ready to fight as soon as I got in the house. I try to stay in street certified shape year around.

MMAFC: Did anyone stand out for you, at this point. Anyone in THE BEST condition, or THE worst condition, or THE hardest worker, or THE biggest slacker, etc.?

RN: On my team everyone was a hard worker, you could just watch people train and see their holes in their game.

MMAFC: What did you guys think, as a team, and you personally about the matchup of Shivers and McSweeney? Any surprises for you in that fight?

RN: As a team we thought it was a good match up since they both like to stand up and bang. We just thought it was going to be more of a standing fight with a lot more gas.

MMAFC: Was it, to be expected, understandable, shocking, or something in between that they both (Shivers moreso) gassed after a couple of minutes?

RN: Rashad expected Wes to gas but not James so that is what made the fight interesting.

MMAFC: Did you know from Rashad that you’d be next up, and that he’d match you up against Kimbo before it was announced? Can you describe for us the process leading up to the fight selections?

RN: The process was simple, the coaches and the UFC brass need someone to fight KIMBO that had a name to keep him relevant.

MMAFC: At this point, how are you feeling about fighting Kimbo, and what kind of game plan do you have? Have you already discussed fight strategy with your coaching staff?

RN: Fighting Kimbo I was feeling I got shafted, since he was not the fighter I wanted. As for strategy that was simple one, stand up and bang with him.;)

MMAFC: Someone wants to know if you’d want a rematch with Arlovski? Did/do you feel like it was a bad call for the ref to stand you up?

RN: I would fight Arlovski again, the fight was entertaining and who knows what would have happened if I didn’t fight in Florida. As for the ref stand up, I believe it was one of the best learning experiences of my fight career.

MMAFC: We’ll end this week with someone wanting to know from you, what advice you have for aspiring fighters.

RN: The only thing I can tell aspiring fighters is surround your self with people that want the best for you and not the people that pull you down.

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