Does Roy “Big Country” Nelson Have A Heart Attack?! UFCs TUF 10 Episode 3 Q & A

By Aaron Richman (aaron@mmafightcouncil.com)

WOW! Congratulations Roy, on a solid win over Kimbo! Thank you again for taking the time to answer some questions for the MMA Fight Council. I see among our readers, a rapidly growing Roy “Big Country” Nelson bunch of fans! Here are some of there questions, mixed in with a few from us too.

MMAFC: How How did you feel about your fight performance with Kimbo, and since the fight do you respect Kimbo as a person and a fighter?

RN: My fight performance with Kimbo I thought was just another day in the office. Kimbo I respect, because after I beat him he asked me how to get out of the crucfix.

MMAFC: I’ll leave this one exactly the way it came to me, and you can take it from there…
“It seem he revels in the fact that he’s fat but can fight or is this how the show portrays him. what are his thoughts about this or is it just the editing. fair or not fair how he’s portrayed.”
Before Roy answers, I want to share a funny insight with everyone about this issue. In the past, I interviewed Roy, and asked him a similar question. His response was both honest, and hilarious! He said that he’s paid to be a fighter, and he’s a really good fighter. When the day comes that people want to pay him to be a model, he’ll work on the look!

RN: What ever you saw, it did happen, except we always have to remember there are two sides to every story.

MMAFC: Another reader’s question, is one that is on many people’s minds today…
“Ask him how he feels about Dana implying his victory was weak and not worth such celebration?”
It seemed to us, that Dana’s comments were less intended to offend you Roy, and more intended to keep Kimbo as relevant as possible for the fans. Do you have any feelings, or thoughts about your 21 unanswered punches being compared to Dana’s daughter roughhousing with him?

RN: As for Dana’s daughter, we need to watch out because she will be the next UFC champion. Dana knows how to sell tickets, that is what he is doing. I just didn’t get this season’s memo about putting on a show. Because all the other 9 seasons of TUF Dana has said “You want to take the path of least resistance and take no damage.”

MMAFC: We always want to know from fighters if the fight went the way they envisioned it, if they were able to execute their gameplan, etc. Didn’t you sit out at the pool with your teammates and describe beating Kimbo by unanswered strikes from a crucifix position? Was that exclusively a product of your own strategy and desire, or a game plan put together with coaches, etc.?

RN: Coaches game plan was a simple one, don’t get hit, get to the ground and do what you do. Which is always great coaching. So I did my own strategy which was to crucifix and win, and not get hurt.

MMAFC: Looking back on the fight, what are your thoughts on Kimbo the fighter? Was he as strong/stronger than you expected? Were you surprised by him throwing a leg kick? Did he ever hurt/daze you with any of the few shots he caught you with? Was he easier/harder to take down than you thought he’d be? Any other observations about him based on your fight? What do you think his MMA future has in store? Do you think he belongs in the UFC?

RN: Kimbo is a fighter, he will fight any one you put in front of him just like me, but does that make you a good fighter? Everyone knows I am a fat, out of shape, no skill guy, so anyone can live the UFC dream. Kimbo hits hard, he has knocked a few guys out in his time. As far as him hurting me in the fight, no. He belongs to whoever is the highest bidder, so whatever that means.

MMAFC: At this point, what do you know, or hope will be your next fight, and how did you feel watching your performance on TV, AND…..did you want fries with that win?

RN: As for me and my next fight, I just want to win and put a little more show on for the fans. Spoiler – Kimbo comes in for me because I have a heart attack.

MMAFC Note: Roy’s kidding about the heart attack……right?? I hope so, but we’ll have to keep watching to be sure!

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