Guess Who’s Back? Dana White Returns to Video Blogging

By E. Spencer Kyte (espencerkyte@mmaratings.net)

The chorus from British MC Lady Sovereign’s minor North American hit “Love Me or Hate Me” is the most apt lyrical representation of UFC President Dana White there is:

Love me or hate me, its still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question
If you love me then, thank you!
If you hate me then, f*** you!

Outside of the fact that the words are spit by a five-foot-nothing British female, saying them to yourself, you can almost picture White delivering the exact same statement to a reporter, except with a couple more f-bombs mixed in for good measure.

After a brief hiatus, White is returning to the world of video blogging, something that should provide both sides of the love / hate debate something to talk about.

Back in August, White decided to call it quits on his somewhat controversial series of video blogs that accompanied every UFC event or spur of the moment tirade he felt inclined to rattle off.

While White said he would pull the plug on the vlogs following his much-publicized attack on Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt, it wasn’t until this announcement in August that the videos stopped appearing on YouTube.

Now, after just two months away, White will make his return and it’s sure to generate some discussion.

Those who enjoy the regular postings, including myself, appreciate some of the behind the scenes access the video diary provides, as you see White in candid moments before, during and after fights with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, numerous fighters and various other personalities repeatedly.

One of my personal favorite installments before the plug was initially pulled took place in White’s house. While we often see Dana the President and Dana the foul-mouthed Face of the UFC, this particular video offered a look at Dana the Father and the resulting footage would surely bring a smile to even his biggest opponent’s face.

That being said, the Loretta Hunt rant certainly shoots the hell out of any goodwill that the home movie segment could have earned White. Without question and free of excuses, the visible head of the UFC was completely wrong in his choice of words and approach to handling the story Hunt filed that set this whole situation in motion.

There is a way to handle things and getting someone to tape you going on a profanity-laced diatribe certainly isn’t the best course of action.

Despite all the interesting and controversy-free installment of White’s video blogs that existed before and after the incident this summer, that one mistake is the one people remember the most and will undoubtedly be referenced a number of times by those opposed to White’s return.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Dana White, though I do think he could tone down the language every once in a while.

His arrogance and stance directly in the spotlight of everything UFC do not bother me, as he is one of the three individuals responsible for the UFC being where it is today. For me, that outweighs any overuse of his favorite word or the other slights people hold against him.

But for everyone like me that is subscribed to the series on YouTube, there are surely an equal number of people who would rather watch paint dry than listen to the man they love to hate as he goes through his daily routine.

This return to the world of video blogging is only sure to stir up The Great Dana White Debate once again.

To your podiums people.

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