Fight Week Previews: Richard Crunkilton Jr. vs. Dave Jansen

By E. Spencer Kyte (espencerkyte@mmaratings.net)

Much like Damacio Page’s fight with Will Campuzano, this match-up between the debuting Dave Jansen and WEC veteran Richard Crunkilton Jr. is one that looks a little lopsided with no need of the usual breakdown treatment.

While it certainly takes talent to get to 10 wins without a blemish, and the M-1 Challenge series is a solid place to build a record, stepping under the bright lights for the first time against a guy with twice as many fights as you could prove a daunting task for Jansen.

Maybe if his opponent was 11-9 over those 20 fights would the fight look a little more even; unfortunately for Jansen, Crunkilton will be bringing a record of 18-2 to the table when they meet Saturday night in San Antonio at WEC 43.

The man known as “Cleat” has a win over Bao Quach to his name and the two miscues came in a Unanimous Decision loss to Hermes Franca at UFC 42 and courtesy of former WEC Lightweight champ “Razor” Rob McCullough.

Couple the distinct experience advantage with Crunkilton being a member of the American Kickboxing Academy team and it means no one would fault Dave Jansen if the zero disappears from his loss column on Saturday.

That being said, fights aren’t won on paper or based on where you train; they’re won once the cage door is locked and you start to chuck knuckles.

Everyone’s got a puncher’s chance… Dave Jansen included.

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