GFight 2010 (Predictions)

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GFight 2010 is to be held on March 20, 2010 at the Evansville Collesium in Evansville Indiana.

The GFight Summit 2010 is a gathering of Female Fighters from all over North American (and maybe the rest of the world). The event fee is $25 and is to be held from March 20th – March 28th 2010.

GFight 2010 Reviews & Coverage
GFight 2010 Previews

Lauren Feldmen vs. Audrey Pang (115)
Kristen DeWitt vs. Jessica Philippus (105)
Sharon Kellman vs. Esli Kilponen (120)
Laura Edler-Hill vs. Heather Martin (180)
Courtney Stowe vs. Shannon Reid (155)
Patricia VanderMeer vs. Adreinne Cruser (155)
Darlene Bunch vs. Aleah Williams (125)
Nina Ann Ansaroff vs. Kim Novak (130)
Sarah Weeks vs. Lindsay Scheer (135) (Muay Thai Fight)
Nona Vahdat vs. Petra Cavanaugh (135)
Emily Kagen vs. Jessica Martinez (135)
Casey Luke vs. Melissa Blythe (135)

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