Why I Think You’re An Idiot After UFC on FX 1

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Wait! What? There was a UFC last weekend? All I saw was a bunch of UFC Unleashed episodes!

That was a frequently heard proclamation after last weekends FX/Fuel debut. Supposed fans were wondering where the advertising had been. Obviously they never heard of UFC.com, or checked the gazillion websites that cover MMA, other than Spike.com.

These fans aren’t aware that after every event* UFC.com tells you exactly when the next event is — and I mean down to the exact time it starts — and how you can watch it. They cover all the various forms of media, be it cable, internet, mobile, etc.

Well personally I hope these fans stick to Spike TV and the endless UFC Unleashed reruns. Eventually they’ll be scratching their heads as to when this white guy with the big afro beat George St. Pierre.

The alternative is these guys actually watching UFC on FX and bitching about how much worse these skinny. white, high pitched commentators are than Joe Rogan. That was another common gripe following last weekend’s event, along with whining about the ‘NFL music’ being so very inappropriate. I guess change is hard. What are these people going to do when gladiator man actually goes away?

I would like to give some analysis on how all the commentators, both cage side and (Mike what would you call Glazer and Bonnar?) compared. Unfortunately, after years of practice, I’ve become so successful at tuning out Rogan and Goldberg in order to avoid any bias, I don’t actually hear the commentating any more.

* The exception being that the UFC pulled any references to Spike TV for UFC 138 when it was clear that the contract was going to expire and they were moving to Fox. Oh, and apparently Dana White could give a flying rats ass about UFC.com

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