A Few Words With Paul Sass

By Roy Billington

I met with unbeaten UFC submission specialist Paul Sass to talk all things UFC on FUEL TV 5, including his training life at Team Kaobon, and what it’s like training with Maiquel Falcão.

RB: You’re coming off a submission win against FILA world grappling champ Jacob Volkmann. Before that fight, I think a lot of people still doubted your skills on the mat. Did that submission help justify your skills on the mat?

PS: Yeah, I think it helped show them off more like you said. You said he’s won tons of grappling competitions and has subbed loads of black belts as well, and I was able to submit him.

Your opponent Matt Wiman has never been submitted inside the UFC. Do you think you will be the first to submit him?

That’s what I’m praying for, yeah, but you never know what happens in a fight. Maybe I can catch him standing up, or maybe you know anything could happen.

I was just talking to fellow Team Kaobon member Andy Ogle. He’s been telling me how you’ve really helped inspire him through tough training sessions. Could you tell me a little about your relationship with Andy?

(Giggles) Yeah, me and Andy trained together for this fight, and yeah, it’s, we say when we are tired, that he tells me he’s tired today, but he knows I am too, so we tell each other we both have to push through it. It’s been good training with someone, because it’s my first UFC with a teammate on it.

Who has been training with you at Kaobon? I know Falcao was there, but is Terry Etim back? What about Paul Kelly?

Like Falcao has been over. He went back last week. Paul Kelly has been back in; it’s been a really good camp. Terry Etim has been helping me out as well.

How was Falcao to train with? He has a bit of a reputation as a training partner.

(Laughs) Haha, yeah he’s just a big guy.

Paul, if you win Saturday night, this is going to be your 4th UFC win. What would you like after that? Would you like a big name or a main card fight on a numbered event?

(Smiling) Whatever, I just take it as it is. I’m easy. I’m just laid back, I just want to see what comes next.

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