Casting the “Series”: Three Potential Additions to the WSOF Roster

By Raphael Garcia

This past Saturday the mixed martial arts community welcomed yet another group trying to grab a piece of the MMA pie. The World Series of Fighting put on their first show in conjunction with NBC Sports, and the outcome was a good first showing for the new promotion. While the organization doesn’t have a consistent television partner because the deal with NBC Sports was for a one off feature, the company can keep moving in the right direction by looking for new stars to strengthen their divisions going forward. Here are some potential names that are not formally linked to the Ultimate Fighting Championship which the WSOF could look to add to its register.

Dakota Cochrane

Even though Dakota was given the opportunity to appear on the Ultimate Fighter reality show, he was unable to get the victory he needed to get into the house, and officially join the cast. That fact makes him a viable fighter for the WSOF to go after in hopes of creating a “homegrown” star. We all know the backstory that made him such an interesting prospect, at least where television is involved; however, he also has the ability to generate interest based on what he does in the cage. At 13-3 the 26 year-old fighter has competed against some stiff competition in recent years. In 2011 he defeated former WEC Champion Jamie Varner, and in 2012 he defeated former TUF champion and UFC title challenger Joe Stevenson. Cochrane carries a story that will keep writers and media personalities talking, but he is also capable of getting viewers to talk with exciting fights.

Robert Drysdale

His name may not carry much weight to mainstream MMA fans, but Robert Drysdale has a legacy in combat sports that would make him a worthwhile pickup for WSOF. While his MMA record is just 4-0, he is most known for his accolades on the grappling circuit, where he is a multiple-time world champion. In addition, he has been the jiu jitsu coach for a number of top fighters for long time. He has slowly been building his resume as a fighter and if he defeats Chris Reed at Legacy Fighting Championship 15, the WSOF should give him a good look, as they could provide the platform for Drusdale to develop into a marketable name while helping the promotion build a respectable light heavyweight division.

Sergio Pettis 

 The WSOF should hand a blank check to the younger brother of Anthony Pettis in the hopes of signing him. Living up to the hype that his older brother has generated has been tough, but Sergio has done a fantastic job of developing into an exciting mixed martial arts prospect. He is just 19 years old and has a lot of physical growth to do, but the WSOF could bring him in at 135, and if he continues succeeding as he fills out his frame, they may have a fighter on their hands who develops into a multi-divisional powerhouse. Many times in sports we’ve seen the younger sibling prove unable to live up to the expectations created by the elder, but Sergio Pettis has shown the abilities that suggest he will be a fantastic fighter, and well worth the risk.

The UFC has established itself as the sport’s premier organization by accumulating a roster of well-known, developed stars. However, for organizations like the World Series of Fighting to grow and prosper, they will need to develop new stars, and these combatants are some great names to start with.

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