The Ultimate Fighter 18.07: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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The seventh episode of The Ultimate Fighter did not have the opportunity to give us a lot to work with this week, but that was because we had another fight go all 15 minutes.

Team Rousey’s Michael Wootten defeated Team Tate’s Josh Hill by unanimous decision.

Prior to the fight, there was a small bit of footage from Father’s Day in the house, and some Team Tate hijinx. All in all, the fight took center stage. This is the good, the bad and the ugly from Wednesday night’s episode:

The Good:

  • On Father’s Day, Ronda Rousey and company went over to the house with gifts for all the fathers. It was a touching gesture that was appreciated by all. As the fighters felt more and more homesick it hit them hard. Class move by Rousey.
  • Dana White stepped in to try and curb a potential brawl. Team Tate posted pics everywhere in the training facility to geta rise out of Team Rousey’s coaching staff, but after near brawls previously, White stepped in. It’s nice to see the UFC President doing what he can to stop a potential fight between camps.
  • Rousey was not pleased when she finally found out, but there was no retaliation. She continues to be true to her word. Many people would have responded in some way, but the champion kept her word that there would be no response from her team.
  • “Team Real Mean vs. Team Fake Nice” may be one of the best lines his season. Rousey mentioned it in the talking head interview after the fight when Tate wanted to shake hands again. Some fans are being rubbed the wrong way, but I appreciate the real anger and hatred by Rousey. She isn’t a fake person.

The Bad:

  • Julianna Peña was upset that Dana White told Raquel Pennington she can win the whole thing because apparently he also said it to her. Does she not realize he is a promoter? Peña continues to be annoying.
  • Miesha Tate‘s jokes continue to be horrendously unfunny. It is like the team watched previous seasons and thought they had to do something silly, but the junior high level pranks are cringe-worthy.
  • The fight itself was not great. That’s all that needs to be said.
  • Next week there will be a recap episode for an unspecified reason. That stinks, folks.

The Ugly:

  • Rousey was not pleased by the photos posted because she thought Tate was accentuating features of Edmond Tarverdyan’s Armenian heritage. I do not believe that was Tate’s thought process in doing the joke, but it is easy to see how Rousey made that leap in that instance. However, the editing crew could have not shown that bit. It serves little purpose and will only make someone look bad. Not everything needs to be shown to a national audience.

In two weeks’ time Peggy Morgan (Team Rousey) will battle Sarah Moras (Team Tate), and Cody Bollinger (Team Tate) will take on Anthony Gutierrez (Team Rousey).

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate

Michael Wootten vs. Josh Hill: Michael Wootten def. Josh Hill via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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