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There’s a lot of talk about saturation of the MMA market. Personally, I think its clear that MMA is experiencing saturation by design. Zuffa is systematically saturating MMA fans in an attempt to preclude their watching of non Zuffa events. I watch as much MMA as I can (including UFC and WEC and Bodog and EliteXC and IFL and K-1 and HD-Net, etc.). There simply is not enough hours in the day to keep up with everything.

Zuffa intentionally provides so much MMA content, between UFC events, WEC events, Fight Nights, Wrekage, Unleashed, The Ultimate Fighter, All Access, etc, that its hard to keep up with their product much less get involved in other promotions. I’m not criticizing Zuffa. This is a very smart business strategy and I think it will be very successful for them.

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