Mir vs. Lesnar 2 or This is What Happens When Bad Meets Evil

By Warren Piece (

So, the UFC Heavyweight mini-touranment has finally shaken out and we are left with Mir vs. Lesnar 2 to decide who is the true champ. To be honest, I am quite content with this result. Lesnar defeated Randy decisively and without controversy at UFC 91 and Mir did the same to Big Nog at 92. Furthermore, this sets up a pretty decent sequel to the UFC 81 bout that, in a nutshell, consisted of Brock laying waste to Frank before getting caught in a leg lock.

I predict Lesnar takes Mir in the rematch for the following reasons: A) Although Frank’s new “three-strikes and you’re out” technique looked solid and worked like a charm against Minotauro, I don’t see him knocking Brock down or out; and B) Frank admitted (if my clouded memory serves me correctly/who has time for research/what am I, a journalist?) during his post-fight roganview after his win over Lesnar that he couldn’t submit the Behemoth’s neck or arms and that a leg or foot was his only option. What are the chances of Mir taking Lesnar’s lower appendages once more? I’m sure Lesnar will be practicing the shit out of those particular submission defenses/escapes. No, I see Lesnar taking Frank down with ease as he did in their first meeting, avoiding Mir’s submission attempts and pounding him out to unify the belts.

Moving on to public perception issues: I believe that the majority of fight fans see, both, Lesnar and Mir as “the bad guy”. Lesnar for his WWE background and too-quick shot at the title and Mir for his distasteful personality and all the wacky shit he says on television. It is my opinion that the Lesnar-hating is unwarranted. Sure, nobody with his level of inexperience or short MMA record gets a title shot, but Brock defeated Randy Couture (who many considered to be THE best HW in the world going into that fight) with little difficulty. If he had lost that bout and looked shitty, everyone could tell Dana and Co. that they fucked up, but he didn’t…he looked dominant. So what’s to complain about/what’s to hate? On the other hand (again, in my opinion…sorry Eric), there is plenty to validly hate about Frank Mir: A) His new entrance song is Nas’ “Hate Me Now”. Thanks, but I already did and don’t need your permission to do so; B) He was a prick, in general, throughout his term on TUF 8 to his team and everyone else; C) He now fancies himself a bone-breaker and told Rogan that he plans to make Lesnar famous with the break he does on him. Who else in MMA desires to break the bones of their fellow combatants (I know…Steve Cantwell), put them in the hospital and out of commission so that they may no longer earn a living in order to take care of themselves and/or their families? And is this a smart thing to be saying when MMA is not yet sanctioned in many states because it is perceived to be too violent a sport? NO; AND D) He has stated publicly that he would be willing to break his own mother’s arm. Need I comment further on that one? That all said, Brock is the good guy and Frank is the bad guy. So now you all know who to root for. You’re welcome. But seriously, it will be interesting to see how their PPV fares buy-wise if fans continue to dislike both men leading up to the fight.

Regardless of who wins their rematch, I can’t wait to see the victor take on the winner of the rumored UFC 96 matchup between Gabe Gonzaga and Shane Carwin. Cheick Kongo? Not so much.

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