Dr. MMA’s Column: My Problem With WAMMA

By Tim Lee (timlee@mmaratings.net)

My personal problems with WAMMA is that some of people in the committee work for promotions, train fighters, or sponsor fighters. Ranking Committees should only involve people from an independent MMA media website. They don’t sponsor fighters. They don’t train fighters. They don’t work for a promotion. They are not broadcasters.

Bill Goldberg does not belong on as a officer of WAMMA when he publicly said “I don’t respect traditional martial arts.”

George Garcia from Tagg Radio shouldn’t be on that committee, because Tagg Radio sponsors fighters.

Pat Miletich trains fighters. If you train fighters, you can be biased on rankings.

Mauro Renallo, he works for promotions.

I don’t believe in ranking fighters 1 through 10. I believe in ranking them as “World Class”, “Open Class” or “Scholastic Class” fighters.

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