2008 Irrelevant Awards

By Garth Hansen (garthhansen@mmaratings.net)

There’s a lot of awards being given out, and a lot of well-planned and -executed awards being given out, at the end of 2008 and into 2009. Fightlinker’s site is giving out the Worsties (which I named! I’m famous!), Bloody Elbow has some, Cage Tater has some, etc etc. I thought I’d throw mine in…the 2008 Irrelevant Awards!

This award is vital to the proper alignment of the MMA world, as well as peace in Palestine, so it is very important you vote, and likely that your vote will not count. Keep that in mind.

Please put your choices in the comments. I’ll count them up, flip coins, peer intently at test tubes with jaunty science music humming along behind me, and consult chicken intestines to determine the winner, then just make it up. If I missed something, just comment, or email me, or send a carrier pigeon.

All categories were made by me on the spur of the moment, as well as the nominees. Some don’t fit too well, but hey, who’s to stop me? You? That’s right. Didn’t think so.

Cutest fighter (male)
Roger Huerta
Jake Shields
Urijah Faber
Rani Yayha
Kelly Kobold
I know that’s a cheap shot on Kelly. She’s not a cute guy at all.

Best FUB
Paul Buentello
Ricco Rodriguez
Josh Haynes
Josh Hendricks
Roy Effing Nelson
If you stood all of these guys next to each other, you could punch one, and the fat would ripple all the way to one end and back, like an executive office toy made out of fat fighters.
Note: Added the possible king of all bellies as per Nick’s comment. Horrible oversight on my part. I’m going to go get spanked as punishment. Yes…punishment.

Extra Best Facial Hair
Evan Tanner (RIP)
Dustin Hazelett
Kimbo Slice
Joe Rogan
I miss Evan! Grow a tribute beard today! Ladies, lower beards!

Most outstanding pants
Shinya “These Legs” Aoki
Mirko “Purina Pants” Filipovic
Alan “The Fringe” Belcher
Melvin “Flappy Skirt” Manhoef
please don’t tell Melvin I made fun of his pants. i want to live

Bitterest Blogger
Luke Thomas
Sam Caplan
Jake and Ryan
Ben and Ben
I was going to add Nicholas in here, but I didn’t want to drive him over the edge

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