2008 Irrelevants Awards Winnersss

By Garth Hansen (garthhansen@mmaratings.net)

So I’m watching the same episode of House for the third time in like four days, and a sit bolt upright, dislodging the cat and a beer and realize I forgot entirely about my lame awards. After doze- several people took the time to vote for them, even. So I feverishly tallied up the vote(s), then ignor- and used the total to pick the winners. Here’s they are.

Cutest Fighter (Male)
Roger “Senorita bonita” Huerta

Photo by the lovely and talented Tracy Lee at Combatlifestyle.com

Roger made some serious waves in MMA, hitting the cover of SI, being seen with Laura Prepon (I bet she smells nice), and getting beaten by a far uglier Kenny Florian. Then the bombshell: retirement. So, hasta la vista, Roger. Consider this Irrelevant Award a lifetime achievement as well, and enjoy the spanish-language soap operas.

Best FUB
Roy “This belly has seen…things, man. Things.” Nelson

I initially forgot to put Roy on here, and almost shot myself in the face when I realized how incompetent I was. Roy wins hands down for the best FUB in MMA. If it wasn’t for Kevin James he’d win for the world.

Extra Best Facial Hair
Evan Tanner

Was there ever any doubt? Evan is the man.

Most Outstanding Pants
Shinya “These Legs Were Made for Choking” Aoki

What can I say? The man knows how to accessorize.

Bitterest Blogger
Jake & Ryan at Fightlinker

Photo by the lovely and talented Tracy Lee at Combatlifestyle.com

At first, I doubted the results of the iron-clad democratic process I followed (looking at comments threads) but after some consideration, and listening to the Canadian angst over the GSP grease thing, and Jake’s manic, near-panicky distaste for Machida (what else can the guy do, Jake? Come on!) I realized the intrinsic wisdom of the finicky mob that reads MMA blogs.

That’s it. Thanks for the meager harvest of votes, you lazy bastards. Next year, I’ll punish you by waiting even longer, so when Clint and Eric remember that I didn’t do this, the disappointment will be even more palpable. PALPABLE I SAY.
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