UFC 111: The First of Four UFC Events To Be Shown in Movie Theaters

event posterBy Bryan Levick

According to a report on Bloody elbow, the UFC and Kerasotes Theaters have partnered together to show UFC 111 in the company’s theaters.

From the looks of it, the theaters are all located in the Midwestern part of the United States, but it’s a big step towards the UFC becoming completely mainstream.

The possibilities are endless. Many of you may remember that in the days before pay-per-view, all of the big boxing matchups would be shown on closed circuit television.

Fans could either go to a bar or a theater in their area and watch fights they normally wouldn’t have been able to see. Wrestling also took advantage of this as well, showing Wrestlemania across the country.

It looks as though UFC 111 will be the first of four events shown in the theaters during 2010.

The opportunity to watch Georges St. Pierre battle Dan Hardy on a giant 20 foot screen with Hi-Definition surround sound will be worth the price of admission.

I have watched live UFC events at local sports bars and a Hooters, but there are always people there who have no desire to watch the fights.

Now you would be surrounded by many other rabid fans as you watched your favorite UFC superstars vie for octagon supremacy.

It seems like every other day brings mixed martial arts fans another nice surprise. This agreement is a homerun for the sport, the fighters, and the fans.

For more information on Kerasotes you can check out their website.

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