Announcing the 2nd Annual GFight Summit 2010!

By Katrina Belcher

From March 20th through March 28th, 2010, the 2nd Annual GFight Summit will be held in Evansville, Indiana. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know this yet, the GFight Summit features all women!

Sponsored by Morse Jiu Jitsu, the GFight Summit is a gathering of Female Fighters from all over North America, although international female fighters are welcome to attend as well. This one-of-a-kind event will feature ALL female fighters, both pro and ammy, from all walks of fight life: MMA, grapplers, BJJ, martial artists, Muay Thai, kickboxers and more!

This Summit is a great opportunity for amateur and pro fighters alike to expand their skills and knowledge base, network with other fighters and promoters, and overall just have a great time!

Last year they had only two daily training sessions; seminars offered by pro-fighters; and two fight shows. At this year’s event, the Summit will include numerous seminars, a martial arts tournament, an MMA fight card, a 155lb. MMA Tournament, networking and fun.

To date, the Summit schedule will include the following:

March 20th – Amateur Women’s Show @ the Coliseum
March 28th – Grappling Competition
All WEEK: Training and Seminars and Networking and Fun!

Patricia VanderMeer – Judo for MMA (Wednesday/included)
Lana Stefanac – NO GI BJJ and MMA (Friday/$20)
Merritt Warren – Boxing/Kickboxing (Wednesday afternoon/included)
Greg Jackson and Julie Kedzie – MMA ($50/Tuesday)
Shayna Bazsler – MMA (Tuesday afternoon/$30)
Professor Bruce Shepard – BJJ (included/Thursday)
Eric Haycrafh and Lindsay Scheer – Muay Thai (included)
Scott Henzie – Nutrition and Weight cutting
Michele Kerulis – Mental Training (Sunday Afternoon)
Sarah Kaufman – MMA/Sponsored by Fight Chix ($40/Monday)
Pancration W/ Laura Eldar-Hill (Sunday Evening)

Please note: Additional seminars and instructors will be announced as added.

105 Kristen DeWitt vs. Jessica Philippus
115 Lauren Feldmen vs. Audrey Pang
120 Sharon Kellman vs. Esli Kilponen
130 Nina Ann Ansaroff vs. Kim Novak
135 Sarah Weeks vs. Lindsay Scheer
135 Emily Kagan vs. Jessica Martinez
135 Darlene Bunch vs. Petra Cavanaugh
135 Aleah Williams vs. Melissa Blythe
155 Adreinne Cruser vs. Shannon Reid
180 Laura Edler-Hill vs. Heather Martin

Please note: Additional fighters and fights will be announced as added.

Most of the seminars will take place at the Big Bully in Evansville, Indiana. The fight show will be held at the Evansville Coliseum.

The Attendance Fee is $25. Some seminars and events may be extra. (Fees listed.)

Want to be a part of the Summit? You can VOTE HERE for your favorite:

  • Pro Fighter of the Year (brought to you by
  • Ammy Fighter of the Year
  • Fight of the Year (brought to you by
  • Rookie of the Year (turned pro in 2009) or
  • Women of the Year

For changes and updates, please check the FaceBook Fan Page regularly.

If you’re a female fighter – then there’s no place else you should be from March 20th – 28th! Come join in the fun at the GFight Summit 2010!

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