Cruiserweight Match at GFight 2010 Summit: Michelle Sydnor vs. Adrienne Cruser

By Katrina Belcher

Now it’s time for the results of the Women’s Cruiser Weight division from the GFight 2010 Summit fight event! Here are Rounds 2 and 3 videos of Michelle Sydnor vs. Adrienne Cruser.

Sydnor fights at OSE Martial Arts Academy in Galesburg, Illinois. According to Sarah Goodlaxson, a friend and sparring partner of Michelle Sydnor’s who also works out at OSE, “Michelle Sydnor (6-foot-tall) is a complete beast. She is really good, an amazing, powerful woman. Michelle’s really fun to spar with.”

Round 2: Michelle Sydnor vs. Adrienne Cruser

Adrienne Cruser, Michelle’s opponent, is a 2nd degree blue belt in Muay Thai and only about 25 hours away from testing for her blue belt in BJJ. She’s trained in the martial arts for about 2 1/2 years, and in MMA fighting for about a year and a half. Per Cruser: “I’ve got the drive and the spirit to go up against anyone–weight classes make me giggle.” This will be Cruser’s first ammy ring fight.

Round 3: Michelle Sydnor vs. Adrienne Cruser

After a grueling 3 rounds of giving each other 100% in the ring, these ladies were exhausted. And in spite of her best efforts, Adreinne Cruser lost to Michelle Sydnor by tap out (choke) at 1:50 minutes of Round 3.

In case you’re wondering about the differences in weight classes for WMMA, please see here: WMMA Weight Classes.

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