GFight 2010 Summit 135lb. Division fighters: Emily Peters-Kagan vs. Jessica Martinez

By Katrina Belcher

In one of the 135lb. divisions, Emily Peters-Kagan fought Jessica Martinez. The fight ended with a BOOM!

Starting out at the tender age of 18, Kagan began in traditional Jujitsu with the AJA, receiving her black belt in 2003. Later that same year, she moved to Israel and continued her training with the World Ju-Jitsu Federation, a local Muay Thai gym, and a few other Gi and no-Gi grappling dojos.

Under the support and guidance of Marcus Davis and Garth Krane of Team Irish, Kagan recently drove across the country to join Team Jackson’s female fight team, where she felt she would get the best opportunity to further her career as a female MMA fighter.

Fortunately for Kagan, her family, including her mother, brother and father, are all HUGE supporters. She is fueled by the excitement of her family and friends across the U.S. and Israel to see her succeed.

According to Team Captain, Tami Carswell, “Kagan is up to the same thing I am in regards to starting a fight career. She happens to have similar cardio goals; also, she’s a vegan, and conscious organic eater, so I shared BOOM SUPERFOOD with her while we were training.”

Martinez was a bit more experienced, with two fights already under her belt. As with most MMA fighters, she has to maintain a “real job,” but she said she was ready to fight at the Summit, despite work commitments for the rest of the week, because she was not “about to miss the opportunity to participate in an all-female MMA event!”

The results of this fight? In her long-awaited MMA debut, Team Jackson member and BOOM “FOODFIGHTER” Emily Peters Kagan defeated Martinez via unanimous decision after 3 rounds of war. Kind of makes you wonder if you should go CA-BOOM and order some of that Superfood?!

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