BJB Breakdown Blog: Stargirl Girl Fight: Wildcat vs Tigress

From the “Stargirl” television series: Yolanda Montez aka Wildcat vs. Paula Brooks aka Tigress. In this fight we revisit some of the most common tropes in comic book combat, as well as in real life combat sports: veteran vs. rookie, ability vs. skill, aggression vs savvy. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Tigress gets the drop on Wildcat, side-kicking her off the dock to what should be an untimely death or at bare minimum severe injury; Wildcat recovers, grabbing onto the railing, hoping to regain her bearings. Before that can happen Tigress leaps to the wall, does a somersault over Wildcat, using her momentum to flip her onto a bench/the floor.
  • Wildcat, protected by her suit, recovers quickly, much quicker than Tigress had expected as she leaps to attack Wildcat; but has to quickly switch to defensive maneuvers to avoid a claw enhanced right cross from Wildcat.
  • Tigress does an inside parry, bringing Wildcat’s arm across her body, essentially neutralizing it; Wildcat is forced to follow up with an overhand left, which Tigress stops with a forearm block inside the arc of the strike. Wildcat this time attacks the body with the right hand, which Tigress jams with a low forearm block, once again bringing it across Wildcat’s body, breaking her stance, keeping her off balance, and allowing Tigress to put her on the back foot.
  • Wildcat unsuccessfully attempts the same combo, with worse and worse results, as Tigress now has momentum and is imposing her will on the physically superior fighter. Tigress changes levels on the last exchange, dropping for what could be a low double, instead choosing to fire a straight right hand to the body that sends Wildcat stumbling back.
  • Once again building on her advantage, Tigress leaps, twisting in midair to stick Wildcat in an inverted facelock/reverse DDT (for you pro wrestling fans). Wildcat, before her neck can be broken, powers out of the hold. She drop-steps with her left foot, turning her body at an angle, before stepping around Tigress, escaping the hold and positioning herself to attack.
  • Tigress, being the seasoned veteran she is, with at least 10 yrs in the game, fakes high with a throwaway backfist to make Wildcat hesitate so she doesn’t run into a shot, and more importantly stands tall. Tigress follows up with a roundhouse kick that she brings from underneath/outside of Wildcat’s line of sight, which catches her completely unaware and ends this exchange.

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