Prediction: Chael Sonnen Will Pull Out of Jon Jones Fight at UFC 159

By Adam Martin

I’m calling it right now: Chael Sonnen won’t ever step into the
cage with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

The talkative and brash 205-pounder is due to face Jones in the
main event of UFC 159, which takes place April 27 in Newark, New Jersey, in the
same arena that Jones first won the UFC’s light heavyweight strap, when he beat
down Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128. Before the two fight, though, they will
be appearing as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter,” which starts next week, on
Jan. 22 on FX.

Despite what UFC president Dana White says, everyone knows that
Sonnen is not the No. 1 contender in the UFC light heavyweight division, and
that the only reason he’s getting a title shot is because the UFC wants to
garner huge ratings on FX for TUF 17.

And there’s no doubt that with Sonnen’s ability to talk, as
well as the presence of pound-for-pound stud Jones and the switch to Tuesday
nights, the ratings for the new season of TUF should be fantastic.

But Sonnen has no reason to be fighting Jones. After all, he’s
coming off a loss in his last fight to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, succumbing to a TKO via knee to the body and punches back at UFC 148. At
the end of the day, how can a fighter in a lower weight class coming off a loss
compete for the title of No. 1 in the division above? It makes no sense.

The only reason he even got the opportunity to move up a weight
class and fight Jones was because he offered to step up on extremely short
notice and fight Jones at UFC 151, the infamous canceled MMA event. White said
that Sonnen’s courage to take the fight on short notice somehow made him the
No. 1 contender over both Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida, each of whom earned
their title shots (with wins over “Shogun” and Ryan Bader, respectively), and each of whom – unlike Sonnen —
actually have wins at light heavyweight in the UFC.

The fans have been vocal about their disappointment with the
UFC’s decision to bypass both Henderson and Machida – as well as Alexander Gustafsson – and give Sonnen the title shot.

But I don’t think they should worry too much, because I don’t
think Sonnen vs. Jones will end up happening.

OK, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but the fact is Sonnen
just took a new job with FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight. Why would he be doing that when
he should be training for arguably the toughest test of his career in Jones, a
fight that is just three months away? It’s very strange, to say the least.

Do not be surprised if Sonnen pulls out with some sort of
injury and is replaced by Gustafsson. That’s the fight the fans want, and
that’s the right test for Jones right now. It just seems like a colossal waste
for Jones to fight Sonnen, when there are way better opponents just ripe for
the picking. The UFC didn’t have this opportunity to choose from a group of
high-calibre opponents before for Jones, but they do now, and they need to take
advantage of it.

Let’s face it, even if Jones vs. Sonnen happens, the odds are
massively stacked against Sonnen, and that’s why most people would rather see
Henderson, Machida, or Gustafsson get the fight, because each would no doubt be
a sterner test. Sure, it will be fun to see Jones get tested against a wrestler
like Sonnen, but he’s likely to pass the test with flying colours, and it’d be
much more interesting if he fought a striker who could test his chin.

Maybe I’m completely off base with this
prediction, but I bet I’m not the only one thinking about it. So we’ll see what
happens, but if this does occur, remember, you heard it here first.

(Note: This article isn’t intended to be taken 100 percent seriously.)

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