Pink Slip Saturdays: UFC 158 Edition

By Adam Martin

Pink Slip Saturdays is a new addition to, where Adam will write about five fighters on each card who could literally be fighting for their job, given UFC president Dana White’s recent comments about cutting 100 fighters from the roster.

Nick Diaz

Opponent at UFC 158: Georges St-Pierre

MMA Record: 26-8, 1 NC

Why he could be cut: You might be reading this and saying “Huh?” but Nick Diaz is on this list for a reason. It’s not because he isn’t talented – he’s clearly one of the best welterweights in the world. It’s not because he’s not marketable – he’s arguably the most controversial fighter in the game, and people love to watch him fight. And it’s not because he doesn’t go to press conferences or open workouts.

It’s because he likes to smoke pot, and although the rules against marijuana are stupid to begin with, the fact of the matter is it’s illegal, and Diaz has popped positive for marijuana metabolites twice. If he tests positive a third time, the UFC simply can’t hold on to him any longer, with UFC president Dana White saying he’ll “probably” cut Diaz if that happens.

Not only is Diaz fighting Georges St-Pierre this weekend, but he’s also fighting the drug test, and he needs to absolutely pass it in order to ensure he remains with the organization.

Patrick Cote

Opponent at UFC 158: Bobby Voelker

MMA Record: 18-8

Why he could be cut: Patrick Cote is a solid fighter who is usually involved in high-action fights, but a 5-8 career record in the UFC isn’t very good, even if he hasn’t exactly had an easy run in the promotion, as he’s fought top guys like Tito Ortiz and Anderson Silva.

Still, he hasn’t looked very good in his latest UFC stint, losing to Cung Le and squeaking by Alessio Sakara with a controversial disqualification win, so if he loses in his welterweight debut to Strikeforce import Bobby Voelker, it’s likely the UFC will sever ties with Cote for the fourth time, and honestly, would that really shock anybody?

Dan Miller

Opponent at UFC 158: Jordan Mein

MMA Record: 14-6, 1 NC

Why he could be cut: Dan Miller is a tough guy and has a lot of heart, but a 6-5 record in the UFC with the only wins coming over fighters no longer with the organization doesn’t bode well for his future prospects if he loses this weekend.

Going up against a young killer like Mein, Miller is definitely in a tough spot. He has to make this fight close, he has to make this fight exciting, and most importantly, he has to pick up a win, because a loss in the stacked UFC welterweight division doesn’t help your chances of not getting cut, especially if you’re a guy with limited upside like Miller.

Rick Story

Opponent at UFC 158: Quinn Mulhern

MMA Record: 14-6

Why he could be cut: A few years ago when he was coming off back-to-back wins over Johny Hendricks and Thiago Alves, it would have been unthinkable to have Story on this list, but considering he’s lost three of four fights, has a bland fighting style, and isn’t really much of a finisher, he could be a goner with a loss on Saturday night.

There’s a reason why the UFC put Story on Facebook for this fight. He desperately needs a win to keep his job, but not only that, he needs an impressive win over Mulhern in order to prove that he still has the potential to be a top guy in the UFC welterweight division.

George Roop

Opponent at UFC 158: Reuben Duran

MMA Record: 12-9-1

Why he could be cut: Roop has lost two fights in a row (three of his last four overall) and hasn’t fought in over a year now. With a poor career record that is barely above .500, it’s safe to say he dearly needs a win at UFC 158 in order to ensure his spot with the promotion, because with the UFC looking to cull 100 fighters from its roster, it’s inconsistent guys with low ceilings like Roop who will be the first to go.

UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Diaz is due to take place on March 16, 2013 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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